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From Granada to the United States, passing through the United Kingdom and Australia.

Javier Peña, of Granada blood but from Madrid by adoption, is a plastic, creative, impressionist and self-taught artist, accustomed to great challenges.

For 13 years JP has developed his art under a very particular style that revolves between pop and realism and has worked on creating his own color palette , which is recognizable in all his works. 

He remembers his first commission with special affection, a portrait of “Sitting Bull” from the United States . That was the first (but not last) international order since it has had the opportunity to sell throughout Europe (France, Austria, Germany, and Holland among others) and especially in the United Kingdom , this being its main market. In addition to the European market, he has had the opportunity to take his art to places like New York, Australia and Brazil. 

After having worked on all types of surfaces and sizes (wooden or fabric canvases, walls or facades, different pieces of clothing, mobile phones, surfboards, cars, motorcycles, mirrors, helmets...), JP seeks to go one step further and digital art starts working. It is a work with more minimalist forms that seeks to explore new limits of art.

Since then he has combined both techniques, confirming that he is a multifaceted artist who leaves no one indifferent and who aims to share with the world his particular vision of art in motion.


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Carretera de Fuencarral, 44 Building 8 Loft 15

28108 Alcobendas, Madrid.

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Telephone: +34 635 216 844



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