POP ART Exhibition

  • When: from September 16 to October 9
  • Where: Calle Zurbano, 61 (Madrid) in Espacio Oculto.
  • Schedule subject to Hidden Space (10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
  • Free admission

Collection: Seamless Pop Art


Javier Peña decides to inaugurate his own exhibition “Seamless Pop Art” in honor of his constant evolution in the art world and so that everyone can share his vision of art in motion.

It is an exhibition where a change of paradigm of the artist can be seen, since two sides of the same coin are shown flowing in the same space : the most conventional art through traditional canvases and the most disruptive art through classic objects such as sneakers, a basketball, a motorcycle or a skateboard.

Javier tries to find harmony between these two worlds that say the same thing in different languages, materialized through urban art that combines a mixed technique between graffiti, chalk and of course, acrylic.

Of course an explosion of colors, daring and atypical that will not leave anyone indifferent.